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I was recently working on a project where the customer wanted to use the default Share Point Approval workflow, but they wanted to include some additional information on the Task Approval form so that the “approver” did not need to navigate back to the Share Point Document library to get the key information required to approve or reject the request.

In this particular scenario, the customer wanted to add the Vendor name and the Invoice amount fields.

Once you have stored a form template in a versioning-enabled Share Point document library, you can download the form template from the document library whenever you want to make changes to it, edit it, and then republish it.

Share Point should automatically increase its version number and keep track of the changes made to a form template as soon as you have republished the form template.

You can choose the update method that you prefer for existing user forms.

If you need to update an existing form template, you can change it, republish it, and redistribute it to users.

Next, navigate to the Workflows folder and make a copy of the Approval – Share Point 2010 as demonstrated below.

The Basics Info Path works by associating a form instance with a form template.

Unlike direct publishing to a Share Point form library, publishing an Info Path form template as a content type allows you to specify the location where the Info Path form template is stored.

And since you can store an Info Path form template in a normal Share Point document library on which you can apply versioning, this publishing method makes the application of versioning to Info Path form templates a fairly easy process to implement.

Document numbers are incremented as a document is checked-out, modified, saved, and checked-in. Versioning is turned off by default in Share Point, so if you want to make use of it, you would have to first turn it on.

To turn on versioning on a Share Point form library: Note that when you turn on version control, you can also require users to check out documents before they can be edited. If you do not enable check-out and check-in of documents, Share Point will apply versioning to a document as soon as it has been modified and saved.

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